About Us

Since 1986, CAMINS has consisted of a group of sports technical and mountain professional guides in Val d´Aran in likeness of those in others zones of Spain and abroad. All professional guides that the makeup, have the official qualifications in the different modalities and the case of the of mountain, are members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), belong to the Union of International High Mountain Guides (UIAGM) and the Mountain accompanying Guides are integrated to the Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UIMLA). In the educational aspect, some members of our team give Ski lessons and Mountain lessons in the school of Salardú (ETEVA) and in the school of Benasque.
Our team have gone incorporated graduates member in various disciplines of mountain: canyoning guides, Teachers of climbing, Guides of National Park, Technical in activities, Instructors of the Spanish School of High Mountain, all they with a same passion: THE MOUNTAIN and a same SPIRIT: can enjoy of all sensations that gives us with you, WITH SAFETY.

Human Team

Jose Luis García

 -Manager of Camins.

-Guide of National Park.

-Mountain accompanying guide.

-Expeditions to Andes, Greenland, Africa, Karakorum, Himalaya, Pamir Russian...

Ignacio Aldea

 -Mountain accompanying guide (UIMLA)

-Guide of National Park.

-Teacher of ski at Era Escola.

Aleix Saura

 -Mountain Guide.

-Guide of National Park.

-Guard of the Honeria Refuge.

Alicia Mitjans

-Guide of National Park.

 -Heritage guide-Conselh Generau.

-Teacher of ski at Era Escola.

Jordi Girones

 -Mountain accompanying (UIMLA).

-Guide of National Park.

-Physcal Education graduate.

Ignacio Morales

 -High Mountain Guide. Level 2.

-Specialist in mountain ski.

-Expeditions to Karakorum, Himalaya and Turkey.

Genis Roca

 -High Mountain Guide (UIAGM).

-Guard of the Conangles Refuge.

Jordi Arís

 -Mountain accompanying guide (UIMLA)

-Teacher of Ski.

Daniel García

 -Sportive technical of mountain.

-Computer technician.

Javi Barro

 -Mountain accompanying guide (UIMLA).

-Technician of de Snowboard.

Miguel A. Arroyo-Calonge

 -Technician in conduction in wild.

-Physical Education qualified.

-Snowboard trainer level 2.

Patricia Sala

 -Coordinator activities.

-Coordinator trekkings.

-Heritage guide, Conselh Generau.

-Graphic designer.

Mercè Manau

 -Coordinator office in Baqueira 1500.

-Geography graduate.

Sergio Bringas

 -Computer and website of Setau Sagèth.

-Logistics of Setau Sagèth.

-Telecommunications engineer.

Sergi Gassa

 -High mountain guide (UIAGM).

-Canyoning guide.

-Teacher of ski at Era Escòla.

Javi Tous

-Canyoning guide.

-Teacher of ski at Era Escòla.

Isidro González

 -High mpuntain guide level 2.

-Canyoning guide.