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General Conditions

At the moment of reserving the presented products a down payment will be made as such in the corresponding amounts:


-Self guided and guided Trekkings in the Pyrenees, 60 EUR per person.
-Self guided and guided Trekkings in the Alps, 100 EUR per person.
-Active tourism y multi-activity activities, 25 % of the total cost.


The payment of the remaining total of the contracted product will always be made prior to the start of the activity. 10 days in the case of the Trekkings and 72 hours (maximum) in the case of the Active tourism activities.


The payments can be made in the following ways:
By bank transfer to La Caixa d´Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona 2100-0035-07-0200327323 under the name of Mountain Quality and sending a payment confirmation by fax + 34 973 64 24 97 or by e-mail to putting the name of the person reserving the contracted product.


The activities hired directly in our offices can be paid by credit card or in cash.


Contract Conditions

Company name: CAMINS
Corporate name: MOUTAIN QUALITY, S.L.
Registry number: A-0008-SL


If the participant cancels the previously contracted activity, he must pay (under concept of expenses) the following amounts:

-The corresponding down payment of the 72 hours amount previous to the start of the activity.
-50 % within 24 hours of the start of the activity
-100% of the activity in the case of cancelling the same day or not presenting for the contracted activity.

To Keep in Mind

The EQUIPMENT is a fundamental part of the solid development of the activity. Upon making your reservation we will inform
you about the technical equipment which CAMINS offers in case it is necessary and that which you should take of yourself.
These could vary in function of the type of activity selected, its duration and the technical characteristics.

THE ACTIVITIES which Camins operates are done in natural areas which need maximum respect and protection on behalf of
all participants. Some of these activities such as Alpineering, Canyoning or Back Country Skiing include a certain amount of risk
which the Camins Guides manage professionally with their knowledge and experience, thereby, ensuring maximum safety.
We will always keep in mind that the location in which the activity takes place is subject to the meteorological conditions
and changes which will force us to always put safety before any other factor.

THE PRICES indicated are always per person and include the corresponding taxes. Camins will inform the participants of all the
services included in the price. In all of the activities the following is included: participant insurance, accident and Civil Responsibility
insurance. For the alpine activities and expeditions it is recommended to obtain the Federation Card of Mountain and Climbing


Technical Level

*Excursions that take place on trails without previous technical difficulties.


**Excursions which take place sometimes in areas without trails, in high mountains and possibly with cold weather or snow.


***Excursions which take place in high mountain areas in which previous technical knowledge and experience is required.



Physical Level

1- VERY EASY OR EASY LEVEL. From 3 to 5 hours of hiking each day. The elevation changes from 400 to 600 meters. For this type of excursion it is not necessary to have a special level of physical conditioning as they can be done by children 8 years and older. Initiation level to hiking / trekking.


2- MEDIUM LEVEL. From 5 to 8 hours of hiking each day. The elevation changes from 600 to 900 meters. These excursions require good physical condition.


3- HIGH LEVEL With routes of 6 to 9 hours a day. The elevation changes range from 800 to 1200 meters. These require a good physical preparation given the moderate to strong physical effort required.

General Information

All of the activities that CAMINS organizes are related to mountain sports. There are activities which do not require previous knowledge to participate as well as those which for reasons such as their length, technical difficulty or altitude do require previous experience and knowledge.

In all of the cases it is important at the time of selecting the activity to consider the physical and technical requirements in order to ensure a quality experience during the activity. Following, we indicate some criteria which can help you with your selection.


Special Conditions

Camins reserves the right to modify the program, the order or location of the activities in function of the meteorological circumstances of the mountain, circumstances of the participants or for circumstances beyond the control of the company and for the safety of the participants.

Any decision made by the Guides shall be respected by the participants.